Bible Project

Placing the Word of God in a million homes!

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and light to my path. Psalm 119:105

By 2025 we are hoping to give 1 million Bibles to the unreached nations in Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. For the first time, Bibles will be closely and accurately translated so people can read and understand the Word in their own native tongue. 100,000 Kazakh Bibles have already been printed and Russian, Uzbek, Crimeatatarian, Chechen, and others will soon follow!

2016 - 2017

God touched the hearts of our friends with the vision of taking the Word of God to 100,000 Kazakh families. People like you came alongside and provided the prayers and support to make it possible, and our Kazakh brothers and sisters made us aware of the need for a revision of the existing Kazakh Bible text. Passages speaking of Jesus Christ as the Son of God had been adapted for an Islamic context. With a team of Kazakh brothers, we began working on a new literal and exact translation of the Bible into Kazakh. 


God quickly enlarged our vision! In order to reach families with the Word of God we realized we must make it available to children in a way they can understand. We continued working on the revision of the Kazakh Bible, and simultaneously began work on a new edition of “Bible Stories for Children“ in cooperation with Tyndale Publishers in the Kazakh language.


The revision of the Kazakh Bible translation is complete. Our first print run was in November and the first edition of Bible Stories for Children is now ready to print. Our Goal is to print and place 1,000,000 Bibles into the hands of Kazakh families by 2025! and begin translation for into other languages! 


Families by 2025

You can make a lasting difference!