A sanctuary of love, peace and support

A sanctuary of love, peace and support

As an American, when I think back on the summer camps that I attended as a child, I have very fond memories of swimming in all the activities that were so much fun. I always came back refreshed and invigorated. 

The summer camps that Bible Mission supports are a lot of fun for the children who attend, but they are so much more than just fun. For these precious children, it is a rare opportunity for them to find a sanctuary of love, peace and support. They receive not only meals and activities that they could never have any place else, but also an opportunity to hear the true Gospel. They are more than physically and emotionally “refreshed and invigorated”, but are spiritually filled with the hope, joy and peace of knowing they are in the loving hands of their heavenly Father. 

It is through your generous support that we are able to help the churches provide this opportunity for these precious children. Know for sure that you are bringing unbelievable joy to them in a very difficult time of their lives. 

John Sandager, Executive Director BMG

A miracle in these times - Summer Camp in Tula, Russia

It was a true miracle. The believers of a small church in Tula, Russia, had been praying for an opportunity to conduct a Summer Camp. God answered their prayers and a day camp took place on the territory of the church. 18 kids attended, 6 of them came from really difficult family background of families at risk. For five days, they were showing up joyfully at 8am to see what the believers had prepared for the day. 

The kids were just happy and grateful

Rosa is a member of this church and also a volunteer of Bible Mission serving among kids. She witnesses: “The kids were overwhelmed with excitement, just because we cared for them and organised the camp for them. After the lockdown and destitution of these past months, the kids were just happy to spend time with friends, to learn about Jesus and to enjoy good food, play games. These kids are just grateful for our love and friendship. Two boys came from an orthodox family, and I was astonished at their desire to know more about the Bible. The parents of all of the kids were extremely grateful to us for showing their kids so much care and love throughout these days. Yes, it was a small camp. But it was a great gift of God to us in difficult times. And it was our chance to tell 18 kids that Jesus loves them – a message that will grow in their hearts and spread amongst their families. Please keep us in prayer, and thank you for your support!”

Please pray:

Our goal is to make it possible for thousands of kids to attend Christian Summer camps in 2020!

Please help and send a kid to camp!

Your gift of 30 $ gives one child a chance to attend a summer camp, and a chance to meet Jesus Christ!

Thank you for being part of the ministry!