Because God speaks to us!

I was 16, and probably, I would never have read a book for children. But there was this one book that just fascinated me. It was a Bible story book for children in the Russian language that someone had given to me. Not only was I excited about the stories, but also about the illustrations. It was as if they moved me to another world – a world so different from our life in Tajikistan in 1995, in the midst of a civil war. There was suffering, destruction, hunger and death – everywhere. In the midst of this adversity, I read the Children’s Bible. I was deeply touched by the suffering of Jesus, and by the illustrations showing the crucification. I simply had to give my life to Jesus.

Makhsum (Maxim) D. serves as Pastor in Tajikistan today. Through His Word, God has acted in a mighty way in Maxim’s family – particularly through the stories of the Children’s Bible. 

One day, my father shared about his life, and I understood that already long time before I was born, God had acted in our family. He said my grand grandmother had been a believer. And she had had the desire for the Tajik husband of her granddaughter (my mother) to hear the Gospel. So she had asked him: Iskander (that’s my father), please read the Bible to me, for I am old and I have a bad sight, I can’t read any more by myself.” So for two years, my father had read the Bible to her, day by day…

40 years after his Bible reading to my grand grandmother, I came to faith in Jesus by reading the Children’s Bible. Then my sister and two of my nieces accepted Jesus. Later, I got married to a girl of a Tajik family of Christians…

My wife and I noticed that my dad started to read the Bible. Every time he took the Bible and was getting ready to read, my mother would sit next to him and listen to his reading. Finally, the seed of the Gospel was growing in his heart – the seed that was planted 40 years ago, when he had read the Bible to my grand grandmother! In the end, my dad gave his life to Jesus! God had answered the prayers of grand grandma. And throughout the years, God had acted in our family through His Word!

In the same way, He is acting among our nation today, among the Tajiks. To those who come to know Christ, I recommend to read a Children’s Bible first, because I remember that I could understand the Bible better after reading the stories of the Children’s Bible first. 

I read these stories to my three sons today. I explain to them that their favorite story about Daniel in the lion’s den is talking about Persians – about our nation! Soon, I will tell them the story God has written with our family as he spoke to us through His Word.

Maxim, Pastor in Tajikistan

Tajikistan - a country of children

In Central Asia and worldwide, there are just a few countries with so many children. 
35% of the 9 million inhabitants of Tajikistan are children under 14 years of age. 53% are younger than 29.
Wherever you get to in Tajikistan – the kids are already there, waiting to joyfully welcome visitors, and eager to hear what they have to share.

Tajikistan: a Vision for Families

All nations and all generations have to have access to the Word of God – to hear it, read it, look at it and understand it.
The nation of the Tajiks is characterized by the Persian culture. It’s a nation of children, of families and of story-telling. However, there is a lack of Bibles for family Bible reading. 
We want to print BIBLE STORIES FOR CHILDREN in the Tajik language and carry God’s Word as a SET OF BIBLE AND CHILDREN’S BIBLE into TAJIK FAMILIES.

Please help by giving the Word of God to Tajik families!

“I consider the Children’s Bible in the Tajik language a great gift to our nation. It’s a wonderful edition – with stories from Genesis to Revelation, with specific tasks and with references to the original text and passage in the Bible. And, it has most wonderful illustrations, appropriate for the cultural background of Central Asia.” 
Ikrom, Church leader in Kurgan-Tjube 

Please help now:

With your gift of $10, we can give a set of a Tajik Bible and Children’s Bible to a Tajik family. By giving Tajik children the Children’s Bible in their mother language – you make it possible for the Word of God to reach and change Tajik families, and a whole nation!

Thank you for your part!

John Sandager, Executive Director