Wrapping up our Second Year!

January 2019

BMG has completed its second full year here in the United States representing the ministry of Bible Mission globally. As the United States Executive Director, by visiting the countries we serve I am privileged to personally witness the wonderful and inspiring work that is being done throughout our ministry areas. What a joy it is to look back and reflect upon all that God has done for His children by and through His people. 

A wonderful foundation of U.S. churches and individual supporters have stood by the ministry and been involved in advancing the gospel, training new leaders, and serving the needs of God’s children in Russia and Central Asia. I recognize, as I am sure you do, that nothing happens without prayer. As we go forward into 2019, please let me challenge everyone who sees this, to uplift this ministry in prayer as that is the greatest gift you can give.

What do your prayers and support mean for 2019?

  • People in the former Soviet Union and Central Asia will come to and know Christ as their personal Savior.
  • Prayer Houses (churches), along with Hope Centers, will be built which provide the structures so that people can be served.
  • Widows will be supported with fuel, food, and clothing.
  • Hundreds of homeless children and orphans will be clothed, fed, and loved on by faithful Christians in their local communities.
  • New believers in Christ will be provided the training and materials for them to grow in their faith and be discipled by mature believers.
  • Young people, through summer camps and teaching seminars, will be evangelized, discipled, and trained to be the future leaders of their communities and their countries.
  • Thousands of Bibles will be personally given to people in their respective countries’ language, including a family Bible for children.

Bible Mission Global has many projects that serve people throughout our ministry area however not one of them would have been possible without each one of you answering the call of God to be a part of His Ministry. On behalf of all men, women, and children that you have reached, we thank you and may God richly bless you and bring you His Peace this new year.


John T. Sandager

U.S. Executive Director