God has done great things!

Across the continents: 32 building projects currently under construction

It’s 4,000 miles from the building project in Poljarnyje Zory North from the Arctic circle down to the southernmost building project in Martinpur, Pakistan.
It’s 6,000 miles from the westernmost building project in Prunisor, Romania, to the building project in the Amur region in the Far East of Russia.
41 building projects had been scheduled for 2020. At this time, 32 of them are under construction. Some will be completed by the beginning of the winter. Others will “overwinter” as a shell of walls and roof to be completed in the spring. Only 9 building projects had to be delayed to 2021.

From the Arctic circle to Pakistan - From Romania to the Far East of Russia

The global lockdown made it impossible for construction teams from Germany and the U.S. to travel and enter the countries on the mission field. BUT GOD has done GREAT things! In a brave step of faith, the local churches on the field started building Prayer Houses and Hope Centers – inspired and trained by building projects in the past. The faithfulness and unity of the local brothers and sisters is overcoming borders of countries and even continents. Construction teams of the local churches are helping each other. Their brotherly unity and construction skills are a result of the ministry of building Prayer Houses and Hope Centers over the past 15 years. Each and every investment of funds, workforce, manpower and skills of the international construction teams was made for a purpose! Today, God is bringing forth fruit from their ministry in the past – all for His glory!


Please give thanks to the Lord:

for the opportunity of getting started with the building projects 2020! Let’s thank the Lord for the brothers and sisters of the local churches. Please pray that their faithfulness and commitment would be a blessing and a testimony for the Gospel that reaches out to other people on the mission field and beyond.

Please pray:

Thank you for continuing to pray for the construction projects!
Thank you for your support of the construction team and their work!

Yours in Him,
Paul H. / Field Director

Thank you for being part of the ministry!