God's light in the shadow of the Pamir peaks

The construction team was actually eight weeks late. The brothers from Dushanbe, Tajikistan, were supposed to go on the trip to the Pamir-Mountains in April this year. The local government school of the town Rushon had asked them to help refurbish a building of the school and help with a playground for the kids. But due to COVID-19 the construction teams from Germany were not allowed to travel to Tajikistan. The global lockdown had disrupted all plans – except for God’s plan. God Himself watched over His plan for the Pamir region, and today we can see how He is perfectly leading in His perfect timing. 

Step 1: Building sports field for public school in Rushon

Finally, at the beginning of July this year, there was some relaxation of the Corona-Lockdown in Tajikistan. The team of brothers from Dushanbe, under the leadership of missionary Sobir E. purchased construction material in Dushanbe and in Kulyab in the very South of Tajikistan next to the border to Afghanistan. From there, they transported the material to the Pamir. It took them over 30 hours to cross the mountain passes and arrive in Rushon. 

Local authorities & population joining in

The local administration of Rushon was very supportive in the construction project. They organised construction equipment like excavators, and drivers who were ready to drive them to Rushon and work in an altitude of 8,500 feet. Two majors of the police and one leader of the task force in Dushanbe were there for protection and security. All three of them wanted to help in the building project, and the task force leader even prepared lunch for the construction workers.
The construction of the sports field was a real event for the entire town of Rushon. Since there were so many who volunteered to help, the administration set up a schedule for each day to organise the voluntary work. Working together with these local people gave the brothers from Dushanbe a wonderful opportunity to share the Gospel with them.

Crowds of kids watching

Of course, the children were there! Just like everywhere in Tajikistan, crowds of kids were coming to help and see how the new sports field was built for them. 

Praising the Lord

On August 12, the construction of the sports field was completed. In the evening, when the new playground was floodlit in the shadow of the peaks of the Pamir, everybody was just overwhelmed to see how God had blessed the work of their hands.

Thank you:

Thank you for your prayerful support, 
and for being part of God’s acting in the Pamir region!

Paul H. / Field Director