Growing in Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova

Dec. 18/2018 John Sandager

Quite an inspiration, the believers in the local churches are, when you consider the limited resources.  They have nothing compared to the United States however with Christ in their lives, they have everything.

I just returned from a wonderful visit to Belarus, Ukraine, and Moldova where I visited several churches and Hope Centers.  Wherever I went I saw the fruits of our ministry through the generous support of our contributors.

In the churches, which I was often privileged to speak, I saw extremely spiritually healthy congregations and people not only dedicated to the Word, also to their fellow members and their community.

For example, at a small church in Moldova, built through the help of Bible Mission, a member of the church was a mother with a special needs child.  She had felt left out and abandoned by everyone because in that culture such children and adults are effectively shunned.  The children are hidden away because there is shame in the culture to have such handicapped children. This young mother approached the pastor and asked for help.  The church then decided to have a special Sunday service at 5:30 pm for families of special needs children.

Family in Village of Belarus
Moldova pics
A Hope Center

It has grown to over 40 parents, the majority of which are single mothers as the husbands/fathers often abandon the family when the handicapped child is born.  There is a short service where the mothers and their children attend., and the children are taught a very basic Bible story lesson.  Then the children leave and go to separate rooms where a corps of volunteers are there to assist them.  They have a computer room, English language room, an arts room, and a multiple discipline room.  Each room holds about 10 children and is supervised by 4 to 5 volunteers from the church.  Bible Mission is pleased to provide the computers and all the teaching materials used by the children.  Without our help, they could not afford even the basic supplies.  While the children are in their activities, the mothers can worship in the regular service which is attended by mothers from around the region, not just the local community.  Many of the congregants who do not have special needs children also attend in support of these mothers.  The outreach to these women/mothers is astounding.  This is a perfect example of our ministry working through the churches and supporting them.

– John T. Sandager

From this building of worship........ this new building of worship in Moldova!