Hope Centers for Uigurians

April 4/2018

God opened the doors to 

the peoples of the Uigurians. 

Now is the time for a step of faith! Join us today! 


Despite of the cold wind from the steppes, Barsit is waiting at the yard gate. Nikolaj has come, missionary in the town of Chundsha, the center of the Uigurian district. They know each other well. It’s not the first time for them to have tea a bowl of tea together, and it’s not the first time that Nikolaj brings humanitarian aid (especially food). Barist is a widower, and his son and deaf-mute daughter live with him in great poverty. Barsit is grateful for his friend Nikolaj who just listens to him, who shares his need, and who not only helps with words, but with deeds. 


These good works are a first step to the Uigurians, whose life is predominated by Islam and the occult. Difficult conditions for Nikolaj and Olga Bobkov, who moved with their four kids from Almaty (capital city of KZ) to Chundsha to serve among the Uigurians. Since evangelistic activities are prohibited in Kazakhstan, they want to share God’s love by serving the people and building relationships of trust. So they help families with disabled children and families at risk. „We see a great spiritual hunger among the Uigurians”, Nikolaj explains. „Through our help, we want to let them know that there is a living God who loves them and helps them.“


The Uigurian district in the Southeast of Kazakhstan is considered an unreached area. 

Most of the 10 million Uigurians live in China today. But 300.000 Uigurians settled in the Southeast of Kazakhstan, in the area around the town of Chundsha. 

In the midst of the steppes of Kazakhstan, the Uigurian district is a spiritual desert. 

There is NO evangelical church or group of believers. 


God has given a clear vision to the Bobkov family: „Building contacts to the people should be the foundation for the planting of a small group, so that it can grow into a church, the very first in the Uigurian district! But if we want to invite people for Bible reading or worship services, we need a meeting facility, because the living room in our house is too small. But most of all we need to work with kids. It is not difficult to invite them. All friends of our own children are Uigurians, and the love coming to us. And all of them want to bring their friends…”


To equip Nikolaj and Olga Bobkov for their ministry, and to create a base for the missions ministry in the whole area,  we want to build a Hope Center –  a contact point for people like Barsit who need help, or who look for Christian fellowship. For children, so that they can learn about Jesus Christ. A place where people can find living hope in the living God. 

For years, the churches in the Almaty area prayed for the ministry among the Uigurians. They invested into this ministry as much as they could. If we now help them together, the first Christian Hope Center in the Uigurian district can be built – so that a church can grow in Chundscha – not the only one, but the first one…

Time to venture the step of faith! Come join us today!


… building a Hope Center in Chundsha with these facilities:

  • meeting room for small group / church service 
  • room for work with children
  • summer kitchen and dining hall
  • store-room for humanitarian aid supplies
  • showes, toilets, washing facilities
  • guestrooms

The total costs for this building project are €45.500.

Please help according to your possibilities.

Project code: 107809

Every donation counts, because every donation helps.