Last-minute call

It was Sunday and our construction team decided to attend a small Bible study group about two hours from Rushon, which was founded by Sergey, one of our brothers. We met with about 10 people, six of them non-believers. One of them was Wafo of the Pamir nation. He seemed to soak up like a sponge every word and every prayer or song. And then he shared his story. A few months ago he had been deeply depressed because of all the problems of his life as an alcoholic and drug addict. He was so tired of his life that he decided to commit suicide. He had prepared the rope and loop and was just about climbing the chair when he stopped for a moment to have a last glance at his children. In that very moment the phone rang. Well, there is still enough time to hang myself, he thought and picked up the phone. It was our brother Sergey who invited him to come to the Bible group meeting and said: God loves you, and we are waiting for you. These words caused him to cancel his plan of hanging himself, and he went to the meeting of this small group. God had saved him from committing suicide, and He had saved his life. Wafo has been attending every meeting of the group ever since.

Small group meeting in the Pamir mountains.

God is acting among the Pamir nation.

“God is using us to reach out to the Pamir nation. Through building projects or other ministries, we can be a tool in His Hands. We want to be ready and obedient whenever He wants to use us, because we see His acting among the Pamir peoples, we see Him changing people’s hearts and flooding them with His light.”

Maxim D., Executive Director of Bible Mission Tajikistan

Thank you for being part of the ministry!