Looking Back and Looking Forward


Although we are well into 2018, I wanted to reflect on the past year. It was a very exciting year for Bible Mission Global as we re-established wonderful connections with our faithful partners. I was able to visit many churches, foundations and individual donors during 2017, and I was extremely pleased to hear them commit to their continued support and loyalty to our ministry. We are looking forward to a very special 2018 as there are some exciting things happening.

In addition to the projects which Bible Mission (through you) supports the local churches throughout the Soviet Union and Central Asia, we are embarking on a very special vision to reach 1 million Muslim families. We believe God has called us to reach out to them with the Gospel by providing 1 million families with a Bible in their own language along with a children’s story Bible in their own language. We call this program ‘Bibles for Muslim Families’. The full Bible, together with the children’s storybook, can be obtained for only $10 total. In the Muslim culture, the family is central to their lives and culture and each family unit consists of at least 10 people. So by reaching 1 million families we will in effect be reaching 10 million people. We already have some church partners who are going to challenge their children in their Sunday school classes to raise the $10 so they can send the Bible to a child overseas who has never seen one.  We are then challenging the parents to match whatever their children raise and ask the church to also match with the children so there will be a threefold growth. Perhaps you could challenge your Sunday school youth groups or your own children or grandchildren to join in sharing the Good News to the world that is in darkness. Feel free to contact me and I will assist you in whatever materials you need and would be willing to come to you, meeting with your pastors and teachers.

I would also look forward to any personal prayer requests you may have that I can join you in and also share with the worldwide staff of Bible Mission.  Simply send me a message on our website and trust that we will be faithful in supporting your prayer needs. 

– John T. Sandager