Now is the time

to talk about God

Corona-Lockdown in Plavsk, Central Russia

Three construction teams from Germany had prepared to serve in Plavsk in the construction of the Hope Center. But then Russia was locked down. Our teams were not allowed to enter the country. The small local church had already built the foundation for the Hope Center. The brothers and sisters are now planning to purchase building material in June and to build the walls in July, all by themselves. The roof is supposed to be built in August, by a small construction team from Germany, if possible. These are our plans which we entrust to the hands of our God and to your prayerful support.

The ministry in Plavsk goes on!

Lena Alistratenko serves as missionary in Plavsk. Read her report on how the ministry goes on and how God is opening new doors:

Now is the time to talk about God!

Due to the lockdown, the kids can’t come to church. So we go to see them in their homes – my husband Sasha (Pastor of our church), the sisters of our church and myself. This way, we care for 73 kids and their families. All of them are extremely grateful for the relief we bring to them as part of the Child Sponsorship Project. Many are wondering that someone comes to see them in times of Corona. All of them suffer from extreme poverty. It takes a long time for help promised by the government in Moscow to arrive in places like Plavsk. Even those people who had a job have now lost it due to Corona. Many families don’t have enough food, and so they wait for our visit and for the food we bring to them. Some are afraid to let us come in. In such cases, we place the food packages in front of their doors, but we always put a card into the package with a Bible verse and greetings from us, because we want them to know that we pray for them. Many want us to pray for them in these times. And all of them tell us wave us Thank you and Good bye, and we tell all of them that it is God who helps them.

Recently, I visited a father of two daughters – Nastya (13) and Vika (3). Their mother died when she gave birth to the youngest. When the father received our food package, he showed me their refrigerator, which he had turned off, because it was empty. All they had eaten was pearl barley. They didn’t have anything else. He couldn’t believe that they are people from far away who help them. In the past, when we had invited him to allow his oldest daughter to come to Sunday School, he had always refused to give permission. Now he said: “I can see that you are people from God”. Each time my husband visits him, he preaches a brief sermon to this father, and he listens. 

The kids need to know that God doesn't forget about them!

The need of the people is much bigger than before, and the children need help more desperately than ever. Most of all, they miss fellowship with us believers. Sometimes, kids come to my house and call me: “Aunt Lena, when can we come to Sunday School again?” Then I tell them from a distance: “You have to be patient and pray. God will take care. He does not leave you alone!” We also communicate via social networks. Every day, we send a little encouragement to our kids. These kids are part of my heart, how could I not go and help them?” Lena says. “They need to know that we are here for them, and that God does not forget about them. Therefore, we just keep on working, if necessary in protecting masks and gloves.” 
Lena Alistratenko, Missionary in Plavsk

Thank you for praying!

Please pray for Lena and the brothers and sisters in Plavsk! 
Please also pray for the construction of the Hope Center 
under these new conditions.

Thank you for being part of the ministry!

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