Reaching the unreached:

Unreached nations on the roof of the world

As Americans we are blessed to have total access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are tens of thousands of churches, multiple Christian radio and TV stations and ministries that give us all an opportunity to hear Good News of Jesus Christ. However, there are places in the world that have absolutely no access to the Gospel. These people groups are referred to as “Unreached Nations”.

God opens doors to Pamir region

One of these areas is the Pamir region located in eastern Tajikistan. This area is so remote that is unreachable except for a few summer months. There is not a single church in the whole area. The Pamir people number only about 300,000. They live in a mountainous region with peaks of 15 to 20,000 feet. They are all of the Muslim faith and there are literally no Christians in the whole area.

Step 1: First building project in Pamir

Bible Mission has the privilege to support a group of believers from Dushanbe, which is the capital of Tajikistan. The local church there has been working with the Pamir people for over 10 years. They have been developing relationships by serving the people with building projects. The local government school asked them to help refurbish a building and help with a playground. This shows that they have developed respect and trust by the Muslim people.

Step 2: First Hope Center in Pamir

God has called us to help build a Hope Center in one of the local communities. Brothers from Dushanbe will transport all the materials to the Pamir village, which takes 20 hours one way. A Pamir man who now lives in Dushanbe, has donated the land on which the Hope Center is to be built. Building will start in the summer of 2021. This Hope Center will be an expression of the unconditional love of Jesus Christ and will be an enormous opportunity for the relationships and share the Gospel.

You can be part:

If God is gone you to join in this effort, please prayerfully consider coming alongside our brothers and sisters and that she could spend to help build a place where the word of God and be shared.

Thank you for your prayers and support!

John Sandager / BMG Executive Director 

Thank you for being part of the ministry!