The most powerful sermon in the Pamir

15 years of praying and waiting

To me, everything that happened in the Pamir region of Tajikistan this year is just a strong testimony of the fact that God never hurries ahead, and God is never too late. All He does is in His perfect time. What He begins, He will accomplish in due time.

I remember a mission trip the summer of the year 2000, traveling and serving together with Ted Hope from Lookout Mountain Presbyterian Church in Chattanooga, TN, Alexey Luboshnikov – Regional Director of Bible Mission Almaty, and Alexander Vervay – Pastor and missionary in Tajikistan. After a long day of ministry, we were sitting in the shade of vine enjoying a cup of tea. That’s good old tradition in Tajikistan – having tea in the coolness of the evening and discussing things. It was that evening that I heard about the Pamir nation for the first time. Alexander told us how difficult it was to go the mountains to meet the people of the Pamir nation, how closed they were to the Gospel and how often the believers had tried to reach them, but there was not even a single house in the entire Pamir region that would be ready to open the doors and receive missionaries of the Gospel. It was that evening when we started praying – not even imagining how God would lead us and what He had prepared for us.

15 years of praying and waiting passed. In 2015, God revealed the opportunity to Bible Mission of participating in the work He was doing in the Pamir region.

Brothers from allover Tajikistan praying for the town of Rushon and the entire Pamir region.

God's acting in the past 5 years:

  • mission trips and expeditions to remote mountain settlements
  • Gospel distribution to the local population  
  • charity projects to help the people in their tremendous physical need
  • children’s programs and camps

In the result, God started acting in the hearts of the Pamir people…

Step 2 accomplished!

God allowed us to complete two building projects this summer:

  • Step 1 – building a sports field for the local school in the town of Rushon
  • Step 2 – rebuilding one of the school buildings (assembly hall) of the school

Special acting of God's grace

What happened in the Pamir on September 15, 2020 can only be called: the special acting of God’s grace!

It was the day of the official opening ceremony for the new sports field and the refurbished assembly hall of the public school of Rushon. The entire town is using this building for cultural events.

77 days of hard work preceded this day. The commitment and endurance of the Christians who worked there in the summer are the most powerful sermon ever preached in the Pamir.

The building projects and the work of the Christians stirred up town of Rushon and the entire Pamir region! Never had anything like that happened before. Everybody was talking about the construction – old people and children, men and women, the local administration and the school leadership, each and every family. And all of them heard about the Heavenly Father, about His Son Jesus Christ, and that the entire construction project was done in His name. Everybody not only heard the Gospel – they saw the Gospel!

This is just the beginning...

…of the spread of the Gospel in the Pamir region. Today, there is no church and just a few of the Pamir peoples accepted Christ – the Son of God – as their Lord and Saviour.

But God! He is the One to begin and to complete!

This is how you can be part:

  • start praying for the Pamir nation, for a revival, and start finding out about all God is doing in the Pamir
  • be obedient to do what God calls you to do for the Pamir peoples

Thank you for your prayers and for your support!

Paul H. / Field Director