Can I send a package to the child I support?

Unfortunately, it is not possible for Bible Mission Germany to deliver pacakges to personal addresses in the respective countries. But we can offer two options:

  • You can pack your package and send it to the responsible field office of Bible Mission. The worker or missionary who is in charge of your child will forward the package to the child. We offer translation if you would like to add a letter to your package. You will receive the address of our field office on inquiry. However, please note that we do not recommend this option, since experience has shown that package delivery per post is not always reliable and making an insurance for your package is quite expensive.
  • We forward your request to the worker / missionary who cares for your child. He/she will purchase the content of the package according to your request and bring it to your child on your behalf. You cover the costs for the content of the package by fund transfer to our account. You can send us a personal letter for translation which we will forward with the package. This option is most commonly used, because often the content of the package is less expensive to buy on the ground and there is no need to pay shipping costs.