Hope Centers

We support local churches in their ministry to children in need. There are many children growing up in families at risk. Often, their parents are alcohol or drug addicts and do not care for their children. These kids grow up in poverty and need a place that not only provides shelter and care, but also gives them living hope. 


Our strategy to meet the needs of these kids is:

• to create church based centers where children at risk have a safe place to warm up, get food, receive physical help, have a wash, changes clothes, and stay overnight if necessary.
• to equip churches with the resources needed to take care of the children and their families
• to provide education/training opportunities for kids to teach them skills for a better future perspective
• to help children in their emotional and spiritual needs through believers of the local church who care for them by listening and responding to their needs and problems--giving them love, protection, and hope. They plant the seed of the Gospel into children’s hearts along with true hope in the living God.

How do we accomplish that?

While Bible Mission supports the ministry of Hope Centers in 9 countries, our current special focus is on the support and development of the ministry of Hope Centers in 5 countries of Central Asia: Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan



We support the ministry of 14 Hope Centers in Central Asia.


You can help by praying:

• that the governments in the Central Asian countries would not build barriers for the ministry of the Hope Centers
• for the local believers serving day by day in the Hope Centers
• for children in need who come and find shelter in the Hope Centers that they would find true hope in the living God
• that through the ministry of the Hope Centers, the local churches would be able to reach the families of the children with the saving message of the Gospel
• that God would provide resources for the Hope Center ministry

Help by giving: 1$ a day for a child
Your donation of 1$ a day provides a hot meal and care for one child – and can make a difference in the life of that child.

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