Motivating, training, and equipping national believers of local churches for personal evangelism. Thousands of believers on the mission field are burning with the desire to personally share their testimony of faith with other people. To do this, they need an important tool we can provide: evangelistic literature packages with a calendar, Gospels, booklets, and children’s literature.

There are still so many unreached nations around the globe! God is leading us to go to these nations. Our vision is to begin working among 20 unreached nations by the year 2020. We are already working among 5 nations and ethnic groups.

We support churches in their local outreach ministry to children. Christian Summer Camps give children from various backgrounds a chance to spend a week in Christian fellowship and to hear about Jesus.

We want to help the local churches make an investment into young people so that they can make a difference in their own and the next generation.

We support local churches in their ministry to children in need. There are many children growing up in families at risk. Often, their parents are alcohol or drug addicts and do not care for their children. These kids grow up in poverty and need a place that not provides shelter and care but also gives them living hope.

Many widows in countries of the former Soviet Union live in distress. Their small retirement pensions are not even enough to buy food. Often, widows with children and elderly people living alone, are incredibly destitute.

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