Christmas in Mytyshi

Russia Jan/11/2020

On January 11th we were back at the church in Mytyshi which serves as the home and headquarters of Bible Mission for the Moscow region. 


This would be the last Christmas program on the trip. Members of the church had been working for months, writing scripts, building the set, creating the costumes, and rehearsing. Invitations had been sent out to all the surrounding area, even the local social authorities asked for invitations to send to families in need. They had prepared for two presentations, one for children in the church to invite all their friends to, and the second for all the families who had been invited by the authorities. Some families drove from as far as four hours away to bring their children.

The performance was phenomenal, extending way beyond just a fun Christmas play. The children were taken on a journey on the importance of forgiveness through the parable of the servant who would not forgive even after he had been forgiven. It explained the presence of sin and the need for a Savior through a fun but completely understandable way as a “professor” used science to demonstrate how Christ’s sacrifice purifies us. And through the analogy of a butterfly, the children learned about receiving a new life in Christ and becoming a new creation. All because Christ came a baby on Christmas to pay the penalty so we could be forgiven from our sins. The church was filled at both performances with families from the area.

After each program, our team jumped in with all the church members to make sure every child received a box and a Bible.


It was truly beautiful to see how a Christmas program for children serves as an open door to minister to the parents and family members who attend with them–people who may otherwise never enter a church on their own.

These are the people of Russia and this is the Church at work.