Where is it?

2020– It started off with a bang– A fresh new decade full of hope and grand visions. It was going to be a fantastic year. We could all feel it.

…And then Covid19 hit the scene with all its force and the unthinkable happened. The world came to a screeching halt. In a few short weeks, the economy tanked, thousands of people found themselves out of a job, and everyone has been stuck at home trying to balance weird new schedules and to find toilet paper of all things. For some, life hasn’t changed too drastically, but for most of the world Covid19 has done far more damage situationally than perhaps it could as only a virus. 

What happened to all the grand visions? Where is the hope that began the year? For that matter, what do we even place our hope in?

In the midst of trouble our surest hope is in the Lord. He is our strength and our vision, and though our plans may have been dashed or at the very least changed, it is still the Lord who directs our paths. (Proverbs 16:9)

On a grand scale we can all identify with David who in a time of trouble remembered and longed to join a multitude with thanksgiving in a time of festival. Like him we can place our Hope in God and the help of His presence in this uncertain time. 

Hope Around the World

And just because the world is on pause, doesn’t mean that God is. He is working in wonderful ways around the world to change lives with the truth. Check out the stories below for some encouraging updates and opportunities to share Hope!

Spread Hope. Keep the ministry going.

Like many of our fellow ministries, Bible Mission Global is feeling the effects of the Covid19 Pandemic. We are a completely nonprofit organization and depend on the generosity of partners like you. Would you please consider donating towards operations? It takes many hands to do the work, and we cannot do it without you.