Hope Despite the Odds

This March we began construction on the new Hope Center for the community of Martinpur in Pakistan. The foundation was laid and the walls were being raised, but due to the current pandemic situation progress has slowed dramatically as the country locked down.  

We are grateful to God for allowing us to see the beginning of a new Hope Center in the midst of this difficult situation, and even if time schedules will have to be adjusted due to the current situation, it will be a wonderful ministry opportunity to children and their families. Even now, it stands as a strong testimony for our God who is Almighty and in control of any situation we are facing.

Covid19 in Pakistan

Pakistan took late, but very radical measures against the spread of the disease. Within just a few hours, the entire country was locked down – with dramatic consequences for the population.

Over 100 million Pakistani have jobs as day laborers. The money they make per day is just enough to feed their families in the evening of the same day, but even this little income has now been broken off. There is no more work, and there are no more jobs. The situation is especially hard for Christian families because they are a minority in Pakistan and have even fewer rights.

Join us in Prayer

Praise the Lord for the progress in the construction work and please pray for the work that needs to be done to finish. Keep the entire team in prayer as they work in a predominantly Islamic locality.

Please pray for Emanuel Khan (picture 1) he is doing working to organize and purchase material for the construction. 

Please pray for Brother Eleazar (our missionary there in place) and his family who is leading the construction of the Hope Center and who is self-sacrificially serving families in need at this time


Please pray for Akram (picture 3) He is our chief mason and is in charge of the building project. He has a lot of experience and is organizing the daily work on the construction site. 

~ Paul H. 

Emanuel Khan
Eleazar and his children on site

Help us finish the building!

PLEASE PRAY that the Hope Center can be completed this summer and  that children and adults will learn about Jesus here, and that God’s light will shine even more in Martinpur.

Spread Hope. Keep the ministry going.

Like many of our fellow ministries, Bible Mission Global is feeling the effects of the Covid19 Pandemic. We are a completely nonprofit organization and depend on the generosity of partners like you. Would you please consider donating towards operations? It takes many hands to do the work, and we cannot do it without you.