Plavsk, Russia

Building on a Solid Foundation

When God lays a foundation He completes the building. 

Ylena and her husband have been serving the children in their little village of Plavsk just south of Moscow for years. Many come from broken homes, extreme poverty, and for some it is their only consistent source of care. Today there are at least 72 children coming each week, and the tiny home is no longer large enough to accommodate them. So last year a new foundation was laid in preparation for an extension that will provide the room and facilities for their vital ministry  to continue and grow. It was a step of faith built on hope for what God would do. He has laid the foundation not only physically but spiritually through the dedication of our brothers and sister in Plavsk, and when He begins a good work He is faithful to complete it. Will you join us


There is still so much that needs to be done. The plans for the new Hope Center include a large extension to the existing building, development for vegetable gardens, and a playground. It will allow Ylena and her husband among others to provide daily care for each child. 

Covid19 in Russia

Due to Covid19, Russia has instituted a countrywide lock down and the economy has taken a hard hit. Many people have lost their jobs and are facing even more uncertainty. At risk children need care and support now more than ever. 

Because of this, the construction schedule has been pushed further out to the end of the summer, but we are confident that God will provide the remaining resources to complete the building in His timing. 


Join us in Prayer

Pray for Ylena and her husband as they serve the community of Plavsk in these these difficult times. 

Pray for the families and the children, that they will seek and rely on God. 

Pray for protection and God’s provision. 

John Sandager (U.S. Executive Director) visiting a family in Plavsk with Ylena (center right)

Help us finish the building!

It is your prayer and support that will turn this project into a reality and provide the much needed Hope Center for the community of Plavsk. Please consider giving a a gift towards it’s completion.  

Spread Hope. Keep the ministry going.

Like many of our fellow ministries, Bible Mission Global is feeling the effects of the Covid19 Pandemic. We are a completely nonprofit organization and depend on the generosity of partners like you. Would you please consider donating towards operations? It takes many hands to do the work, and we cannot do it without you.