Small Community. Great Faith

Covid19 caught us by surprise and with the rest of the world the small community in Wachdat (Tajikistan) did not expect it. They had been praying for a long time for the construction of a hope center, and the long-awaited construction was to begin this spring. But everything changed …

In the midst of an Islamic stronghold, the small Christian community of Wachdat serves children from poor families faithfully as well as youth and adults who are ostracized by their families for their beliefs and are at risk of persecution. They need the Hope Center to provide refuge.

A construction team from Germany had been scheduled to build the frame However, due to the Covid19 situation, the construction team did not arrive as planned.

For our brothers in Wachdat it was clear: God wanted to entrust them with a special task. With prayer and dedication, they decided to take a step in the faith and started building the Hope Center.

Everyone got involved. The walls are up and the roof will be raised in the next few days. God blessed their step of faith

Covid19 in Tajikistan

According to official data, there are no figures on infections. There have been no curfews or other restrictions. Our brothers are grateful that they are able to work on the construction project and purchase building materials unhindered.

Ibragim comes from the Dushanbe community and helped in Wachdat as an electrician. Again and again he thanks God for the opportunity to help. He accepted Christ only a year ago, and God had freed him from his alcohol addiction. His family rejected him because he believed in Jesus. But Ibragim loves Jesus and owes him his new, full life.

Help us finish the building!

We are praising the Lord for the step of faith in Wachdat and for the progress of the construction project.

It is through your generous support that we are able to provide the resources for this project. Please consider giving a gift towards it’s completion. 

Spread Hope. Keep the ministry going.

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